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IMS Community Calls

Introduction to IMS

If you're new to IMS, watch these short, high-level videos on IMS, database, transaction manager, and application development.

Level: Beginner   Time: 1 hour

Getting Started with Ansible for IBM Z: Control Node

Get an overview of how to set up your Red Hat® Ansible® control node to get started automating processes for IBM Z® with Ansible.

Level: Beginner   Time: 6 minutes

IMS Tools

Review the various videos on IMS Tools.

Level: Varies   Time: Varies

IMS database


Learn about Database Recovery Control facility (DBRC) that facilitates easier recovery of IMS databases and supports sharing of IMS databases and areas by multiple IMS subsystems by watching this comprehensive video series.

Level: Advanced   Time: 4 days

Physical Organization of Databases

These comprehensive videos show you how to design, implement, reorganize, and recover IMS databases.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 28 hours

Intro to IMS catalog

Learn about how, why, and when to use the IMS catalog.

Level: Beginner   Time: 34 minutes

Database Application Programming

Learn how to write application programs that use Data Language One (DL/I) to process IMS databases. 

Level: Beginner   Time: 18 hours

IMS Managed ACBs and IMS Catalog

Learn about IMS Managed ACBs and the IMS Catalog by watching this playlist that covers both features in detail.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 3 hours 45 minutes

System programming

IMS DRD for MODBLKS with RDDS: An Introduction

Get an overview of IMS dynamic resource definition (DRD) with the Resource Definition Data Set (RDDS).

Level: Intermediate   Time: 15 minutes

IMS DRD for IMSRSC repository: Details and Best Practices

Take a deeper dive into the IMS Repository Server, utilities for DRD with the IMSRSC repository, repository security, maintenance and recovery for the IMSRSC repository, and more.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 1 hour

IMS Dynamic Commands: An Introduction

Get an introduction to the IMS type-2 commands that support dynamic functions in IMS.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 30 minutes

IMS High Availability and Resiliency

This video provides strategies to support day-to-day operations, change, growth, and how to address failures in IMS.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 50 minutes

IBM IMS: IMSplex, CSL and SPOC overview

Get an overview of IMSplex, what components are required to configure an IMSplex, and the roles of the Common Service Layer (CSL) and single point of control (SPOC).

Level: Intermediate   Time: 45 minutes

IMS DB and TM System Programming

Learn about system programming tasks for IMS database and transaction flows.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 8 hours

Application development

Java in IMS demos

Watch now these short demos showing how to build Java™ applications for IMS.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 27 minutes

IMS Explorer

Learn about the Eclipse-based graphical tool that simplifies common IMS tasks that are related to IMS application development.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 1.15 hours

Java and IMS

This introductory video series helps you learn how to create Java applications for IMS.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 20 minutes

Modernize Legacy Applications with 31-bit COBOL and 64-bit Java interoperability

This video shows you how to make 31-bit COBOL interoperable with 64-bit Java applications.

Level: Intermediate   Time: 13 minutes

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