Run Java where you want to

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Java inside IMS

    Maintaining your IMS applications with Java means easy-to-find skills, lower development cost, abundant tools, and DevOps-pipeline readiness

    Running Java inside IMS delivers the best performance, with application and data co-located on IBM Z – no network latency!

    Cost efficiency with Java on Z/OS through offload to specialty engines

    Over 15 years of Java support in IMS makes it more than production ready for the enterprise

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Java outside IMS

Java applications can instantly access IMS transactions and data from anywhere, any platform

Use industry standards like JDBC and SQL to directly access IMS data

Expand your insights by giving Java analytics applications access to IMS data for data modeling

Get demos and code samples

See how you can use the JDBC Universal drivers to build IMS Java applications.

Check out our GitHub repositories with Java application code examples.

Java can save you time, money, and headaches

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Java processing can be
offloaded to specialty engines,
which means you just saved
some money.

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Application agility

Choosing Java means you
have access to millions of
skilled developers, which
means you just saved
yourself some headaches.

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Running Java on z/OS, where
your data resides, just saved
you some time.

Don't just take our word for it

Java, COBOL, and IMS on IBM Z

By Java-enabling existing IMS core banking functions, Fiducia & GAD is accelerating the creation of new services while extending the life and value of its applications.

IMS and Java on IBM Z

Implementing IMS ODBM and IMS Catalog allowed Travelers to leverage Java and SQL skills to access IMS and other data in a single view.

IMS, SQL, and open data access

A large North American bank was able to improve application maintenance and lower costs by converting applications to Java and running them inside IMS for best performance.

North American

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