How do you benefit from IMS Gold?

How does it work?

As an IMS Gold feedback client, you can help shape the features and enhancements most relevant to your infrastructure and business needs, for example:

Status on new and in-progress IMS

Information in new initiatives and solutions

Opportunities to provide the IMS team feedback

Enrollment process

Understand the requirements before you enroll

Be sure you have support from your organization to attend regular meetings (1-2 hours per month) and potentially act as a sponsor user.

You must be an application developer, system programmer, enterprise architect, database administrator, or a business executive.

Steps to enroll.

  1. Be sure you have an IBM ID.
  2. Sign up for the IBM Z® Client Feedback Program (zCF).
  3. Decide which IBM Z products, including IMS, you want to provide feedback for. Note that IMS is listed as part of Operating systems and application software.
  4. Submit the IMS Gold enrollment form.
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