Managed ACBs

Implementing the IMS catalog and converting to IMS managed ACBs

Ready to migrate to using managed ACBs?
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IMS paradigm shifts: IMS managed ACBs

This video describes the benefits and high-level steps to convert to IMS managed ACBs.

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IMS catalog

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IMS management of ACBs

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IMS and Ansible for managed ACBs and IMS catalog for self-provisioning

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IMS Native z/OS DDL utility

DDL provides for three intuitive and easy to use verbs: CREATE, ALTER, and DROP. The language is so popular that it has become the de facto industry standard.

Starting with IMS 15.3, you can now use the IMS Data Definition utility to submit DDL.
This utility does not require IMS Connect and ODBM, and runs in a BMP region of IMS.

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Data Definition utility

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Using DDL to define databases and program views

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IMS Data Definition utility (DFS3ID00) batch enhancement

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IMS Blogs

IMS Database: versatile, powerful, and still running the world

Some 2000 customers worldwide use IBM IMS. And not just on a small scale.

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Rediscover why enterprises trust IMS DB to manage their critical data

IMS has been around for over half a century and some of the top fortune 100 companies continue to use IMS.

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